Thank you for being here leting us know that we can stay helthay by stayin fit. My sister won the sit ups.

- Anthony

Thank you Bennett Foundation for being such a wonderful inspiration to our children. Thank you for fueling the passion of football for the next NFL generation!

- Sandy Moore

It was really nice having you at our school. The most fun part for me were having the activities because we all got some good workout and also the CPR. I hope you come again this year. P.S. Your an awesome Seahawks player.

- Lidemy

It's so great that kids get to meet you and learn about fitness. Thank you! GO SEAHAWKS!

- Liz

You are so awesome. We are so grateful for what you have done today. For a place that does not have a NFL team it is great that someone will take the time to give back.

- Michaela Haywood

The part I like about you is that you want to keep everyone healthy. It's amazing how much you practice. Again, thank you for coming to our school.

- Lucas

Thank you for coming to our school. I wish I was there because the next day my firends told me all about it and said it was really fun.

- Selene

My son has attended 3 of your football camps and has enjoyed every one of them. Thank you for your time, sharing your talent with the kids and giving back to the community.

- Mely Calaro Registe

I really loved you coming to our school and you coming around doing stuff with us all. First, I really loved it when you pushed a kid to keep going you really taught him to perserveer.

- Waleed

Thank you for making this work all the more accessible and inspiring for these students! Many of the students were saying they “Felt like stronger cooks.” When I asked them what that looked like for them, they said, “There’s nothing I feel like I can’t cook in the kitchen and make it taste at least okay."

- Mimosa Collins

I broke down in happy tears to think of what you all did together to make [the Community Dinner] such a meaningful experience for these youth, thank you again!

- Leesa